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Family Drama. The Dog of Flanders Animation Drama Family. Drama Family Musical. Misty Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: David Ladd Nello Daas Donald Crisp Jehan Daas Theodore Bikel Piet van Gelder Max Croiset Cogez, the Miller Monique Ahrens Corrie Siobhan Taylor Alois as Siohban Taylor Gijsbert Tersteeg The Peddler Katherine Holland Ilse Cogez Lo van Hensbergen Edit Storyline The emotional story of a boy, his grandfather, and his dog.

Taglines: The love and friendship of a boy and his dog. Language: English. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The dog who played the title role of "The Dog of Flanders" named Patrasche in the movie - the same name Peter Paul Reubens named his dog is the same dog who played the title role in "Old Yeller". Goofs The scene when Nello is walking the little girl back to her house after bringing the dog home: The camera is in front of them as they walk, and you can see the tire tracks of the camera as it stays in front of them. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you?

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Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. Despite this plight, Nello sets his hopes on winning a famous art contest to gain respect from the art world. Aloise wholly supports her friend in this endeavor, as does the gregarious local blacksmith William Bruce McGill. After defending the boy against Patrasche's vagrant first owner, Michel brings him into his study and begins his tutelage, though he leaves for business in Rome soon afterward. As the years pass, Nello Jeremy James Kissner stays close with Aloise Farren Monet Daniels and they become engaged during their visit to a gypsy circus.

Nicholas, disapproving of the match, forbids Nello from ever seeing Aloise again, despite protestation from his wife Anna Cheryl Ladd. Nello finds some comfort in Michel, who has returned from Rome to help his pupil continue his education.

Not long thereafter, Stephens accidentally burns down Nicholas' mill; visiting with the Cogez's servant Millie, he had been smoking a pipe in the nearby shed and fell asleep. The next morning as the town inspects the damage, it is discovered that Nello had secretly visited Aloise the night before, to give her a birthday gift. Stephens uses this as evidence of Nello's guilt of committing an act of revenge.

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Furious, Nicholas believes the lie and smashes Aloise's gift and blames Nello for starting the fire while Jehaan comes to Nello's defense. Thereafter, Stephens takes advantage of the town's new distrust of the boy by taking over his milk delivery route. After Jehaan suddenly dies, Nello and Patrasche are evicted from their home by Stephens. Though William who still trusts the boy offers the two a place to stay, Nello insists that he has work to do.

Nello and Patrasche then find themselves back in the cold in the midst of a blizzard, just like Mary once was. As they wander along a dirt path, Patrasche sniffs out Nicholas' wallet buried in the snow; it contains a vast sum of money. Nello returns the wallet to the Cogez Mill and departs before Anna can offer him a meal, leaving Patrasche behind so that he might have a comfortable future.

Nicholas then returns to the mill, distraught that he has lost his family's life savings. He becomes enraged upon seeing Patrasche until Anna explains what happened. At dinner, the family is quietly pensive until Millie reveals the truth of what happened to the mill.

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Horrified, Nicholas bands together his family and neighbors to find Nello. Patrasche runs ahead of the group and disappears into the storm. It inspired film and anime adaptations, including the animated TV series Dog of Flanders which reached an audience of 30 million viewers on its first broadcast. In Belgium , the story is more obscure. Only in did it receive a Dutch translation; this happened after the tale was adapted into a story of the popular comic book series Suske en Wiske.

Since then, monuments were raised to commemorate Nello and Patrasche to please tourists. It researches all available film adaptations of the story and interviews several British, American and Japanese people about what attracts them to this novel. For its authentic 19th century buildings, the Open Air Museum of Bokrijk , Flanders was used as scenery for the and anime and the film.

None of the film versions, excluding the Japanese movie and Snow Prince uses the novel's ending, preferring to substitute a more optimistic one.

In Snow Prince , the boy and the dog are found frozen to death under a tree. In one of the film versions, [ which? Two days later, one of the judges comes. Because he thought Nello was the true winner, he asks him to stay with him.

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As years pass Patrasche dies, and Nello becomes a famous artist. The album was translated into Japanese. There are three monuments built to commemorate the story. The first one was built in and can be seen in the Kapelstraat in Hoboken, Antwerp. It had text in English and Japanese that read: "Nello, and his dog Patrasche, main characters from the story "A Dog of Flanders", symbols of true and sternful friendship, loyalty and devotion.

On December 10, , a new monument was revealed on the Handschoenmarkt square in front of the Antwerp Cathedral. A sculpture in white marble represents Nello and Patrasche sleeping, covered by a blanket of cobble stones. The sculpture is made by Belgian artist Batist Vermeulen Tist.