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I remember meeting my first Carolinian Geechee person. I asked if she was Caribbean or had Caribbean roots. This interaction happened in — before Google, therefore I did not have a way to learn about our beautiful connection. Thank you for this learning tool. I was born in Brunswick, Georgia in I think about moving back there all the time, but I must wait upon the green light from Father, Son, Holy Spirit, as this is will not be by my will, my strength, my might, nor my power, but by word and truth of the Trinity. Should it be by the word of God, I shall reside on Sapalo Island, a place of peace and blessed humility.

Please visit my website at: troubledwatersministry. I need to have spiritual interaction with someone. I have been on a very long tumultuous journey. I want to come home. My sister know a lot about my heritage and she told me my grandfather was a Geechee. Thank you DeeDee. Hi Ms Walker I am too researching. My grandfather was a geechee and his surname was Walker.

I would like to link up. On my earlier post, I said my family came out of Savannah Georgia…. I am the daughter of one who was called a Geechee by my maternal grandmother. He died when I was 2 years old. I have always wanted to know of the Geechee culture. Can you give me direction of Geechee culture via books to read, events that may take place.

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I am going to visit Georgia in a few months. Thank You Dearly. I have been looking for a place call Geechee town. My grandfather was Geechee. He use to work in the Savannah Shipyard as a cement masion. In to His name was Thomas veal My mom was born in All she remember is they would go over to the islands to visit family.

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They would cross the vidox to get to Geechee town. My Grandmother Maiden name was Maggie Hawkless. Both where born Grandfather and grandmother We also have family in Cockrand Georgia. About Africans in the Carolinas. She was shock and said she knows this. I was shock too.

Please if you have heard or know of the place they call Geechee town. I would like to find out more about it and the Geechee That still live there. I have been searching for about 6 years now. Hi my name is Timillia Jennings myself is a descendant of the Geechee tribe. Our family is from Alabama.

I, like our yourself was always told of their Geechee heritage. My father would tell me stories of his father that passed when he was 4 but always remembered his different dialect of speech. He would always mention the name Jennings but our last name is Harris. My father grew up in the Quitman, Georgia area but also mentioned of family in Savannah. Geechee Indians people are descendants of Sierra Leone in west Africa brought over through the trans alantic slave trade. Geechee people lived in the same area with Seminole Indians.

I am not really clear if they are mixed with Seminole or not or if they were adopted into the Seminole tribe. My grandfather told me this year that we are geechee on his father side. I would like to learn more. I am Courtney Goudy from california. My grand mother told stories passed on geechee traditions to me. I have trying to bridge the gap. I want live in totality of the understanding my hertiage. Interested in any Gullah Geechee information and learning what parts of Africa derived? I was raised in Lake City, South Carolina. About miles north of Charleston. My family are part of The Gullah-Geechee Nation.

My Great Grandmother passed in , she was She spoke the language that many called Geechee, but I have come to learn that it may be more accurately described as Gullah. It was just the way that we spoke. Even myself.. But for us, it was natural, normal. My Grandmother used to make quilts, make lye soap.. All that are part of the Gullah tradition, and passed down to her. I am proud to be a part of such history, and look forward to working to preserve our culture, and history.

If you are of African descent living in this country, it should be your mission to make down to South Carolina at least once in your life! We are probably the only remaining remnant of our ancestors that came over on during slavery, and formed their own culture, language, while holding on to their African roots.

There are organizations here hard at work to educate and preserve, but we need help and awareness. There is so much in my heart to say. My family just lost one of our last living elders, my grandmother. She told me stories of my great grandfather Henry who was full blooded Cherokee Indian and how he married my great Grandmother Pearl who was full blooded GeeChee.

One being so well known and the other being tossed aside so carelessly. We were always told that we are most emphatically not African. But my heart knew differently. I wanted to know what Geechee was and why it was so important. I wanted to know what the culture was and finally know who and what we really are.

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  5. Where we come from. What we ate. What language we spoke.

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    Did we sing? Did we dance? This post has filled my heart so much. I am so excited to dig deeper to know more. I fully intend to completely submerge myself into our culture like a pig to mud. This is the breath of fresh air I needed. Thank you for sharing your experience. I greatly understand your quest and am stopping to comment because of some of the. Leon Shure. Blade Action Fantasy Series. Kenneth Guthrie. Poems for Da Ladies. Jamel Hall. Poetry: the Epitome of Life and Hope.

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