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She worked as programmer until her marriage, they had three daughters. They are a service provider, focusing on the exchange and retrieval of data pertaining to research and learning — metadata related to library resources. Bibsys is formally organized as a unit at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology , located in Trondheim, Norway ; the board of directors is appointed by Norwegian Ministry of Research.

They deliver integrated products for the internal operation for research and special libraries as well as open educational resources; as a DataCite member BIBSYS act as a national DataCite representative in Norway and thereby allow all of Norway's higher education and research institutions to use DOI on their research data. All their products and services are developed in cooperation with their member institutions. Since Bibsys has evolved from a library system supplier for two libraries in Trondheim, to developing and operating a national library system for Norwegian research and special libraries; the target group has expanded to include the customers of research and special libraries, by providing them easy access to library resources.

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BIBSYS offer a range of services, both in connection with their products and separate services independent of the products they supply. Open access in Norway Om Bibsys. It is directed by the Ministry of Culture; the library's main building is located in the historical Clementinum building in Prague , where half of its books are kept. The library has around 60, registered readers; as well as Czech texts, the library stores older material from Turkey and India. The project, which commenced in , involved the digitisation of 1, documents in its first 13 years; the most precious medieval manuscripts preserved in the National Library are the Codex Vyssegradensis and the Passional of Abbes Kunigunde.

Plans for the building had still not been decided in February , with the matter being referred to the Office for the Protection of Competition in order to determine if the tender had been won fairly. Over 4, books were removed from the library in July following flooding in parts of the main building. There was a fire at the library in December List of national and state libraries Official website.

Jane Porter Jane Porter was an English historical novelist and literary figure. Her work The Scottish Chiefs is seen as one of the earliest historical novels and remains popular among children in Scotland. Tall and beautiful as she grew up, Jane Porter's grave air earned her the nickname La Penserosa. After her father's death, her family moved to Edinburgh , where Sir Walter Scott was a regular visitor; some time afterwards the family moved to London , where the sisters became acquainted with a number of literary women: Elizabeth Inchbald , Anna Laetitia Barbauld , Hannah More , Elizabeth Hamilton , Selina Davenport , Elizabeth Benger and Mrs Champion de Crespigny.

Porter's siblings achieved some fame in their lifetimes.

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Porter is considered to have "crafted and pioneered many of the narrative tools most associated with both the national tale and the historical novel," though her claims to have done so during her own life were ridiculed and dismissed. Her work The Scottish Chiefs, about William Wallace , one of the earliest examples of the historical novel, was successful and the French version was banned by Napoleon. It has remained popular with Scottish children; the Pastor's Fireside was a story about the members of the House of Stuart.

Despite being one of the most popular writers of her time, the profligacy and poor financial decisions of her brothers kept her poor, as she and sister Anna Maria were obliged to use their incomes to pay off their brothers' debts, she wrote Thaddeus of Warsaw , set in the late 18th century Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Despite the work's success, Porter did not benefit financially, as its copyright was held by its various publishers. To gain some income from it, she resorted to ostensibly new editions that were published with prefaces and minor changes, she applied unsuccessfully to the government for a literary pension, being "totally destitute or nearly so", was obliged to move between the domiciles of her friends. Porter contributed to periodicals and wrote the play Switzerland , which seems to have been deliberately sabotaged by its lead Edmund Kean and closed after its first performance. She is sometimes "credited" with the production Owen, Prince of Powys , which closed after only three performances, but this was the work of Samson Penley.

A romance , Sir Edward Seaward's Diary, purporting to be a record of actual circumstances and edited by Jane, was written by her brother, Dr William Ogilvie Porter, as letters in the University of Durham Porter archives show. In her years, Porter continued to write shorter pieces for journals. Many were published anonymously or signed "J.

Porter, like so many of her contemporaries, was fascinated by Lord Byron ; the villain in The Pastor's Fireside, Duke Wharton, has been said to cast "an unmistakably Byronic shadow. UK National Archives. It was founded in by Gerald Rusgrove Charles Boon as a general publisher; the company moved towards escapist fiction for women in the s.

In , the publisher was bought by the Canadian company Harlequin Enterprises , its North American distributor based in Toronto , with whom it had a long informal partnership; the two companies offer a number of imprints that between them account for three-quarters of the romance paperbacks published in Britain. Its print books are presently out-numbered and out-sold by the company's e-books , which allowed the publisher to double its output; the publisher has been criticised for books that are considered low-brow and formulaic, although this has been cited as one of the reasons for their success.

An early signing was crime writer Victor Bridges. Between and it published numerous adventure titles by Jack London. In the s the company noted the rapid rise of commercial libraries and the growing appetite for escapism during the Depression years. In the Boon family sold the company to Harlequin Enterprises of Canada.

John Boon , son of the co-founder, continued as head of the company while his brother, continued as head of editorial. Much of the company's success from the s to the s came from Alan Boon's editorial talent. In an Australian office was established in Sydney to handle sales in the Asia-Pacific region; the success of the Australian operation in the s was such that it was able to begin printing its own editions.

Their books are sold through a combination of subscription and retail sales. For example, in any given month they publish eight novels in their Modern line. At the end of the month, any unsold copies in the shops are pulped. Again, any remaining books are disposed of. Fans looking for particular books after this time must find them second-hand. The Royal Letters Patent that he granted, the predecessor of the current legal deposit requirement, made it mandatory for printers to submit a copy of every book printed in Spain to the library.

In , the library's status as Crown property was revoked and ownership was transferred to the Ministry of Governance. At the same time, it was renamed the Biblioteca Nacional. During the 19th century, confiscations and donations enabled the Biblioteca Nacional to acquire the majority of the antique and valuable books that it holds.

In the building was used to host the Historical American Exposition. On March 16, , the Biblioteca Nacional opened to the public in the same building in which it is housed and included a vast Reading Room on the main floor designed to hold readers.

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In the Reading Room was reorganised, providing it with a major collection of reference works, the General Reading Room was created to cater for students and general readers. During the Spanish Civil War close to , volumes were collected by the Confiscation Committee and stored in the Biblioteca Nacional to safeguard works of art and books held until in religious establishments and private houses. During the 20th century numerous modifications were made to the building to adapt its rooms and repositories to its expanding collections, to the growing volume of material received following the modification to the Legal Deposit requirement in , to the numerous works purchased by the library.

In , when Spain's main bibliographic institutions - the National Newspaper Library, the Spanish Bibliographic Institute and the Centre for Documentary and Bibliographic Treasures - were incorporated into the Biblioteca Nacional, the library was established as the State Repository of Spain's Cultural Memory , making all of Spain's bibliographic output on any media available to the Spanish Library System and national and international researchers and cultural and educational institutions.

The Biblioteca Nacional is Spain's highest library institution and is head of the Spanish Library System; as the country's national library, it is the centre responsible for identifying, preserving and disseminating information about Spain's documentary heritage, it aspires to be an essential point of reference for research into Spanish culture. Promote research through the study and reproduction of its bibliographic archive. Disseminate information on Spain's bibliographic output based on the entries received through the legal deposit requirement; the library's collection consists of more than 26,, items, including 15,, books and other printed materials, 4,, graphic materials, , sound recordings, , music scores, more than , microforms, , maps, , newspapers and serials, 90, audiovisuals, 90, electronic documents, 30, manuscripts.

Bibliographic information about its collection and those held by other libraries or library systems. Access to its automated catalogue, which contains close to 3,, bibliographic records encompassing all of its collections. Archive consultation in the library's reading rooms.

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Interlibrary loans. Archive reproduction. It was established in for the purpose of assisting members of the National Diet of Japan in researching matters of public policy; the library is similar in scope to the United States Library of Congress. The Diet's power in prewar Japan was limited, its need for information was "correspondingly small"; the original Diet libraries "never developed either the collections or the services which might have made them vital adjuncts of genuinely responsible legislative activity".

Until Japan's defeat, the executive had controlled all political documents, depriving the people and the Diet of access to vital information. The U. Hani envisioned the new body as "both a'citadel of popular sovereignty'", the means of realizing a "peaceful revolution"; the Occupation officers responsible for overseeing library reforms reported that, although the Occupation was a catalyst for change, local initiative pre-existed the Occupation, the successful reforms were due to dedicated Japanese like Hani.

The philosopher Masakazu Nakai served as the first Vice Librarian. In , the NDL became the only national library in Japan. At this time the collection gained an additional million volumes housed in the former National Library in Ueno. In , the NDL's Annex was completed to accommodate a combined total of 12 million books and periodicals; the Kansai-kan, which opened in October in the Kansai Science City , has a collection of 6 million items.

In May , the NDL opened a new branch, the International Library of Children's Literature , in the former building of the Imperial Library in Ueno; this branch contains some , items of children's literature from around the world. Though the NDL's original mandate was to be a research library for the National Diet, the general public is the largest consumer of the library's services. In the fiscal year ending March , for example, the library reported more than , reference inquiries. Moreover, because the NDL serves as a research library for Diet members, their staffs, the general public, it maintains an extensive collection of materials published in foreign languages on a wide range of topics; the NDL has eight major specialized collections: Modern Political and Constitutional History.

The Laws and Preliminary Records Collection consists of some , Japanese and , foreign-language documents concerning proceedings of the National Diet and the legislatures of some 70 foreign countries, the official gazettes, judicial opinions, international treaties pertaining to some foreign countries. The NDL maintains a collection of some , books and booklets and 2 million microform titles relating to the sciences; these materials include, among other things, foreign doctoral dissertations in the sciences, the proceedings and reports of academic societies, catalogues of technical standards, etc.

The NDL has a collection of , maps of Japan and other countries, including the topographica.

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