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Traders selling consumer goods in the European Union EU are obliged to remedy defects which existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within 2 years. EU rules guarantee consumers a minimum level of protection, especially if the goods do not meet the standards promised.

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This does not depend on conditions in the contract. For more information, see Sales and guarantees on the European Commission's website. OJ L , 7. OJ L , This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.


Would you like to keep them? Accept Refuse. Skip to main content. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. The employer shall classify places where explosive atmospheres may occur into zones in accordance with Annex I. The employer shall ensure that the minimum requirements laid down in Annex II are applied to places covered by paragraph 1.


Where necessary, places where explosive atmospheres may occur in such quantities as to endanger the health and safety of workers shall be marked with signs at their points of entry in accordance with Annex III. Article 8 Explosion protection document In carrying out the obligations laid down in Article 4, the employer shall ensure that a document, hereinafter referred to as the "explosion protection document", is drawn up and kept up to date.

Waste Framework Directive 75/44/EEC, as amended

The explosion protection document shall be drawn up prior to the commencement of work and be revised when the workplace, work equipment or organisation of the work undergoes significant changes, extensions or conversions. The employer may combine existing explosion risk assessments, documents or other equivalent reports produced under other Community acts.

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Article 9 Special requirements for work equipment and workplaces 1. Skip to content. Much of our waste policy and guidance is based on European Union EU legislation which gives strong direction on waste issues to its member states. The main legal instruments that establish law and policy are called 'directives', and these specify the objectives that the EU seeks to achieve on particular issues.

Member states are then required to translate directives into national policy, and implement their requirements within prescribed timescales. The directives that are implented by the Department are outlined below. The directive relates to waste disposal and the protection of the environment from harmful effects caused by the collection, transport, treatment, storage and tipping of waste.

In particular it aims to encourage the recovery and use of waste in order to conserve natural resources.

Waste is defined as any substance or object which the holder disposes of or is required to dispose of pursuant to the provisions of national law. Certain categories of waste are excluded from the scope of this directive. The directive requires member states to appoint competent authorities to draw up waste management plans and develop an integrated network of regional facilities.

Connection Directive for Paginated Lists in Apollo

The directive also established the requirements for licences, registration of carriers and the polluter pays principal which are being implemented in Northern Ireland in regulations under the Waste and Contaminated Land Order It also aims to harmonise the controls on landfill throughout the European Union and reduce methane emissions by setting targets for a reduction in the volumes of biodegradable municipal waste going to landfill. The main elements contain a mix of strategic objectives for reducing the amount and nature of waste going to landfill and improving landfill practices.

In terms of environmental protection the directive also contains detailed provisions for the design, operation, restoration, aftercare and monitoring of landfill sites.