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Twin Peaks became a cautionary tale for serialized storytelling: Once audiences know who the killer is, what compels them to stick around? Night Shyamalan. But unlike in Twin Peaks , which made its big reveal in the middle of its second season before stumbling to an awkward and seemingly unplanned end, Wayward Pines already has a solid ending in mind. But Wayward Pines is airing in the doldrums of summer and will almost certainly debut to low ratings as a result. Its cast is filled with familiar faces, but not too many current stars—in fact, Howard feels like the biggest name because his work on Empire has catapulted him back into stardom.

In many ways, Wayward Pines feels like a cut-rate True Detective , mimicking the style of the prestige cable miniseries but not its quality.

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I have lived in many large cities as a foreigner, and never had an experience like this one. Does that make sense? Thank you for reading! Great post Lilli. Basically she shuts them down. So poetic. Pete wonders if he writes haikus? Hope you both can continue to nurture yourselves and find lots more places and experiences like that. People in cities must shut down part of themselves to be able to handle living in human density.

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Structure and rules are something you and certainly I have always had mixed feelings about. And the people who are the enforcers. Well, a book could be written and almost certainly has, about the psychology, etc of enforcers. If I were to say such a thing in Japan, though, it would be shockingly rude by all that overheard it. To smile, nod, bow respectfully, and exit stage left ASAP is a much more culturally acceptable way to deal with unpleasant people.

I agree with you about cities, and what it can do to the people who live in them. Even Portland vs. Eugene is a huge difference in that regard, in terms of kindness and openness!

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And people who police the boundaries enforcers, as you say of whatever is considered "socially acceptable" leave me asking a lot of questions, always. Which is part of the reason I struggle with current U. I still love it here, don't get me wrong. I am just organizing my posts thematically, and this is a theme I would be remiss to leave out.

Japanese society is notoriously difficult to break into, especially here in Tokyo. However, I have met so many kind, warm, good-hearted people. We are already building up a circle of friends.

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I will tell Tomo what you said about his writing! He is such a good writer. He does not write haikus, no. Thank goodness for Tomo. Where would I be without him here??!! This morning, in the locker room after swimming at River Road Pool, I told a beautiful Japanese woman who swims there often that I had just been to Japan.

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  5. She asked how long I was there. I told her 12 days, and that I was impressed with the efficiency of the country and and the polite niceness of everyone I met. She laughed.

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    Told me that if I was there longer I would discover that people are not always nice. As a society, people are more polite and considerate than folks in the U. Just to be clear, though: I still love it here, and have lovely and loving Japanese friends and family. There are just some unhappy people who have named themselves boss and judge who make the day-to-day unpleasant at times.

    Thank you so much, Nancy! And thank you for reading.

    Wayward Pines premiere recap: Where Paradise Is Home

    It is therapeutic to write these posts, especially with my loved ones and culture so far away. It is nice to share the joys and pains of life here with you all.

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    Doubles the joy, relieves the pain. I can remember several instances in Japan where one of my nephews would discreetly tell us what was expected and how to properly show our respect… it was an eye opener to me each time! Without that feedback I would have stumbled along stepping on toes! Yes Katie, what is considered polite in one country or culture is definitely not universal. I was just reflecting on that today. At least according to all of the Japanese people I have subsequently asked a question about pentesting and stationery stores.

    You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Home Contact. And that topic is my public experiences as a foreigner here in Tokyo. Like this: Like Loading Published by WaywardWoman. Published November 3, November 4, Oh my gosh! W92lZnozaRs Like Like. Me too. Never heard of them before. The best. Lilli, you are an exceptional writer.

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