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Plus, we'd argue that by going the reading route instead of always tuning into cat videos on YouTube, you might be doing something good for your brain in the long term. Just a theory. These titles never fail to make us — at the very least — crack a smile. They even make us do spit takes in public sometimes, but whatever. That's a price we're willing to pay for a good giggle.

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Have a suggestion for another funny read? We're all ears!

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But for now, here are the books we turn to when we need a little pick-me-up — or even when we don't. Most of us are skilled in the art of binge-watching TV. But why not give binge-reading a try this summer, when the sun is out and the weather's still warm. Summer is undeniably the season for tearing through books.

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Now's the time to lounge in freshly cut grass with a book blocking the sun. Or to sit at the. What has nine tails, super speed, and an appetite for men's souls? Meet the gumiho, the nine-tailed fox found throughout Korean mythology — and the main.

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Grab your longbow, braid your hair, and hop on the train to the Capital, because Suzanne Collins is taking us back to Panem. The Hunger Games prequel book. One of the most anticipated events of the year, Refinery29's 29Rooms, is coming to Chicago in less than a month, and there is already so much to look. Rather, I wouldn't finish it. When the time came for the final chapter,.

The rest of him belongs to Punjabi Bagh.

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Preparing to shake hands coldly and making a quick escape, with or without Trisha, I see that Guneet is awkward about meeting me too. His voice trembles on introducing himself.

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So the conversation languishes and is replaced by benign smiles as we sit there looking at the carpet as though it were a Gaitonde painting. What does one talk about under these circumstances anyway? So, I sit there, annoyed, playing absent-mindedly with my gold chain. Oh my God, is he going to just mount her right there, in front of me? I gulp a mouthful of tea which is still far too hot and burns the roof of my mouth. Unable to bear their hideous foreplay I start to shuffle my legs as if making a bid to leave.

No one offers to walk me to the lobby. In fact, I could see them leaning in towards each other before the doors had even slid closed after me. I had seen Nakul through a break-up before he met Trisha. Soon after I got married, Sheena left Nakul and he had the most terrible time — morose for months, not wanting to be involved in anything. Varun and I encouraged him back to life, really, insisting he join us at social gatherings, even to the cinema.

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I introduced him to all my single women friends as it was clear he was a great catch but while he went on a couple of dates with them, no one caught his fancy like Trisha. An interior decorator by profession, Trisha met Nakul while working on his new office site in Delhi.

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What followed was high-octane drama. Her father, a proud Sikh gentleman, was mortified by what his daughter had done and, as expected, he opposed the marriage. When I get home, I find Nakul and Varun at the porch. I almost have a cardiac arrest.