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De afwisseling van lichaamswerk, stemwerk, wandelen en vrije tijd is mooi in balans en geeft de gelegenheid om stil te staan bij alles wat verschijnt aan inzichten en ervaringen. Cora en Eelke geven het beste van zichzelf en laten zien dat ze doen wat ze het liefste doen en geven zo hun talent aan de wereld. Ondersteund door mensen die de innerlijke mens fantastisch verzorgen is deze retraite een geschenk aan jezelf.

Opgeladen met energie van de yoga, meditatie en workshops. Maar ook het eten is goed verzorgd! Eelke en Cora geven deze week echt aan en voor jou, pracht kado voor jezelf.

Genieten op deze mooie plek in Toscane! Cora and Eelke know how to create an atmosphere of safety, confidence, in which magical things can happen. The daily yoga and meditation forms a solid base. The various workshops give the opportunity to go deep into oneself and find new revelations.

Thank you for your gentle and careful guidance throughout the week. Not only was it a highly professional work in wich l felt Safe and sicure at all times, but The Fun and fisical relaxation l experienced all put together l don't find words to describe!!

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The beautifully prepared "room" in Tuscanys nature helped to make of this retreat an unforgetible experience. Furthermore, the day of Pentecost is understood by the Apostles as a fulfillment of Joel's eschatological prophecy. In addition to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, one further aspect of this prophecy deals with he expectation that while there shall be an increase in spiritual visions there shall also be a predisposition for the elderly to experience holy dreams:.

Even upon the men-servants and maid-servants in those days, I will pour out my spirit" Joel Nevertheless, it is important to note that from an Orthodox theological or doctrinal position, the use of dreams after the Christ event is not necessarily for the purpose of adding further to the deposit of "revelation" or Sacred Truth as revealed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather a means of "illumination". Henceforth Jesus Christ, the Divine Word made flesh, becomes par excellence the exclusive mode of Divine revelation to the world.

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Nothing more can be added beyond Christ. Everything else which possesses truth is either inspired interpretation or illumination but not revelation! Thus while God may still send dreams to holy people they are not intended to add to the dogma of the Church but as a means of encouragement, warning or edification. This observation is encapsulated in a brilliant summary statement on Divine revelation by the author of the new Testament letter to the Hebrews in his prologue: "In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets Revelation through dreams The Old Testament records that God chose to communicate His will to the people of Israel through the vehicle of dreams or "visions of the night" to certain selected persons.

Perhaps the most celebrated example of an incubation dream is Jacob's dream of the Divine ladder at Bethel Gen : "Jacob Taking one of the stones of the place, he put it under his head and laid down in that place. And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reached to Heaven; and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. And he was afraid and said "How awesome is this place!

The Divine Dream

This is none other than the House of God, and this is the gate of Heaven. But, her feelings towards Vast Universe were never more than those of purely a good friend. Divine Dream along with Empyrean Vast Universe were the hosts of the grand event. Assists Lin Ming in entering the Asura Road. Considered one of, if not the closest human Empyrean to the True Divinty level before the start of the war.

Divine Dreams

Leads the human race back to the Divine Realm. She was born with a calm and indifferent personality, like a pool of water that had never experienced waves. She is known to be a beauty that could outshine the stars and the moon. Her transcendent and aesthetic looks give her an otherworldly presence, as if she was an empyrean of the 12 Heavens. She seemed just like a mortal woman, but her appearance and temperament were like a blue moon in the highest heavens, as quiet and deep as an iceberg, noble and cold, disallowing anyone from having blasphemous thoughts against her.

She is usually stated to wear long white dresses or pale blue dresses. Her temperament is said to have an illusory feel, as she was an otherworldly fairy from the Empyrean Heavens.

She uses an ice blue divine sword in her right hand and a sea blue band wrapped around her left, like a goddess who had stepped out of the highest nine heavens. When she was still an Empyrean, Divine Dream was an outstanding individual even amongst Empyreans. She is extremely mysterious and even the Empyrean level influence she created, Divine Dream Palace , is just as mysterious as she is.

It is said that Divine Dream Palace only allows female cultivators to join, and there are only several hundred people there in total. Each of them is either superbly strong or superbly talented! Even if a Great World King were to go to Divine Dream Palace, they would still have to respectfully greet any individual there. Divine Dream Law - a Law just like an enigma! This Law is the sole possession of Empyrean Divine Dream. All of them at the level of transcendent divine mights!

And those are just the martial skills of the Divine Dream Law, but the intensity even goes so far as to disdain all others! Within the Divine Realm, when the Law lines interacted on the chaos stones, they were a dark gray. Some were heavy, some were simple, and some where faint.

Meher Baba: God Dreams Divinely

There were even places where the lines had broken or were twisted around. But the Divine Dream Law lines were like an amalgamation of color, mixing together in a dreamlike state. The lines were lively and wonderful as if they had a life of their own. They constantly transformed, making it impossible to predict them. Thinking about it some more, the lines on the chaos stones could be called a manifestation of grandmist energy. But the lines of the Divine Dream Law seemed as whimsical and bewitching as a daydream of multi-colored lights. The dreamland Laws were able to divide into seven-colored lines [1].

One would associate these lines with the mystical lines that were engraved into the chaos stones; these two types of lines actually shared a great number of similarities!

Meher Baba

Why were the chaos stones so precious? It was because they had the source Laws carved into them at the very forming of the universe. If one meditated and perceived them, that was equal to perceiving the Laws of the universe.