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To understand and love a very good italian love song one should also known the artist performer. He is an istitution in the Italian light music panorama. Another monster of the italian music is Mina. She is still alive and recently performed with Adriano Celentano. Ed, Thank you for sharing so many wonderful singers. I will look up these artists.

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Some I know but others not. I think he is right. Please submit your comment with a real name. Thanks for your feedback! Home Contact us Links. Watercolor by Walter Sanders. During the s France, con-men Philip and Felice escape prison and join forces to swindle Philip's rich ex-wife Belle.

On the run from the police in Athens, a man named Jason has in his possession a microfilm eagerly sought by both criminal gangs and government agencies. In the 19th century, when the Japanese Emperor sends a gift pony to the US President it gets stolen and ransomed by Indians but Sheriff Gideon aided by an inept Japanese servant offers to deliver the ransom. An experienced truck-driver is forced to become assistant to a young Sicilian driver. The Beast, the truck they drive around Europe, becomes their ground for mutual respect and trust.

An Italian priest met an American priest and discover how are different their lives, a guy escaped from prison is seduced by a gorgeous woman but there is a trick, and a layer is engaged by a mad client.

Theatre director Don Albino Moncalieri and his only employee Guido Guidi are in desperate need of money. On tour throughout Mexico they get by accident entangled in revolutionary activities. Four episodes. A pilot is ready to change sex, but the doctor made an error. A woman is searching a partner for a dance contest. A worker seduce his boss wife. A guard is too much proactive and this will cause many troubles. A chain mail-clad gunfighter contends with a pacifist sheriff, a seductive banker, a one-armed Mexican bandit, corrupt businessmen and hippies while trying to learn the secret of the money allegedly stolen by his lynched brother.

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The story is set in Rome in In a seedy area of the city, Nino Patroni seeks to marry a fellow rogue with his sister. A Mexican bandit teams up with a band of renegade Native Americans to avenge his older brothers when they are killed by a prankster, gold-obsessed bounty hunter. A mandolin professor, reduced to playing the itinerant player, sees his feeble gains wasted at the game by his father. Paolo Villaggio takes his Fantozzi-based humour and creates a more mature version of him, simply called Robbie, also referred to as "Robin", "Robi", "Robbi", or "Rob".

Robbie is a rich and wealthy man who is married to a woman called Magda. One day, they decide to go on holiday. He suggests via aeroplane, but Magda has a fear of heights. During a routine emergency training exercise, Robbie accidentally takes it seriously. That night, a genuine emergency arises, but Robbie thinks it's just a drill. This foolish act leaves Magda no option but to leave the ship alone, making Robbie the only person aboard the ship when it sinks.

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Upon waking up, Robbie thinks everything is normal, but he soon discovers he is the one remaining person on board the entire ship, which is now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Robbie must now survive until Of all Paolo Villaggio characters - Robbi - is most well-balanced - to my opinion. It is not as "overly-pathetic" as Fantozzi.

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  5. Au contre In fact "Il Signor Robinson" as a movie - contains some very well written characters. Simple - but not dumb. Some scenes - I think - are exotic, unique and elegant from comical perspective. For example - I've never seen anything - like a scene - with crushed Coke can washed ashore - and the tribal chief. Actually - I was wondering - did Coca-Cola company know about it at all? I believe it was a major "Burn! I will always recommend this one to comedy fans worldwide.

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    Stanotte al luna park Tu non esisti SP La tua stagione Quattro vestiti SP Non ci sono lacrime La verde eta SP Non ci sono lacrime Ricominciare SP Mattinata C. Villa Serenata francese SP Chi vorra incontrar l'amore Malinconia SP Balocchi e profumi Spazzacamino SP Come quel giorno Quando le rose rosse SP Aria di festa Quando le rose rosse SP Quando parto per il mare Vai con lui SP Tango delle capinere Finestra chiusa SP Come puoi lasciarmi Devi decidere SP Bella ciao Bella ciao Non mi va SP Lungo la strada Fischia il vento SP Uno come noi Tamburino, ciao SRL Se ritornerai Come ci vedono loro SRL Qualcosa di mio E' amore quando SRL La pianura La nostra storia d'amore SRL Mediterraneo Se puoi parlare SRL E' per colpa tua Va bene, ballero SRL L'uomo questo mascalzone Senza te SRL Uomini addosso E ti amo veramente SRL Milva Nessuno di voi - Vai con lui - Quando le rose rosse - Per sempre, per sempre - Pigramente - L'unica ragione - Come puoi lasciarmi - Ho ritrovato la felicita - Il nostro amore - Aria di festa - Se ne andranno tutti - Vieni con noi.

    Milva Little man - Io di notte - Tamburino ciao - Vivere non vivere - Uno come noi - Giovane amore - Dipingi un mondo per me - Io non so cos'e - Le stagioni dell' amore - Uno dei tanti - Segui il vento - Ho capito che ti amo. Ritratto di Milva Se piangere dovro' - Un sorriso - M'ama non m'ama - L'immensita - Dipingi un mondo per me - Se ritornerai - Little man - Aveva un cuore grande - Canzone - Cuando sali de cuba - Quando l'amore diventa poesia - Ho capito che ti amo. Milva canta Brecht Ballata per una ragazza annegata - Ballata della donna del soldato nazista - Ballata di Maria Sanders - Nel letto in cui siamo staremo - Jenny dei pirati - Barbara song - Ballata della schiavitu' sessuale - Surabaya Jonny.

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    Sono matta da legare Monica delle bambole - Una donna sola - L'uomo dal mantello rosso - E gia finita - Luce - Sono matta da legare - Senza te - Perdersi - Non arrenderti - L'uomo questo mascalzone - Viva te. Milva Brecht Contro la seduzione - La leggenda del soldato morto - Sotto le querce di Postdam - La canzone del bene stare al mondo - Tutti o nessuno - Ninna nanna - Il racconto della ascesa e caduta della cirra di Mahagonny - Moon of Alabama - Havana Lied - Tango balade - La canzone della Moldawa - Un cavallo si lamenta.

    Corpo a corpo Amo chi siamo - La notte dell' addio - Cuori solitari - Storie da dancing - Al bar del porto - Marinero - Lui - Nel silenzio splende - Il film della mia vita. Milva Vento di mezzanotte - La rossa - Non finira' mai - Eva dagli occhi di gatto - Dicono di me - Rapsodie gitane - gente - Alexander Platz - A cosa pensi - Nel silenzio splende - Il film della mia vita - Canto a lloret. Svegliando l'amante che dorme Una storia inventata - I processi del pensiero - Potemkin - Le vittime del cuore - Via lattae - Atmosfera - La piramide di Cheope - Angelo del rock - No time no space - Centro di gravita permanente.

    Uomini addosso Uomini addosso - Non ce l'ho con te - Pierre - Per cosa?