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The cloud technology becomes very affordable for large deployments since it scales seamlessly to add or reduce capabilities as required by demand patterns. The device is extremely easy to use with no command line interface and mere button to operate. The Inclusive Growth group completed two successful projects under its Sarvodaya Seva Program Sanskrit term for 'Universal upliftment' or 'Progress of All' over the last two quarters.

This program aimed at creating long-term benefit for our business and global communities. It is now an established fact that data networks increase national development. With the growth of Networks, the requirement for trained ICT Information and Communication Technology professionals worldwide has increased dramatically. Yet, many people lack access to training that could prepare them to exploit this demand. Identifying this gap, Inclusive Growth conceived "Sarvodaya Seva" program to help students and professionals from diverse socioeconomic background to develop the skills required to succeed in this technology-driven market.

Sarvodaya Seva enables aspirants to gain additional training and education to gain globally-recognized certification. Project 1 : Cisco engineers donated their time to train retiring Indian Army personnel basic networking concepts so they transition to civilian life. Spending 8 hours every day, the Bangalore-based engineers rotated over 6 weeks to train 20 retiring soldiers located in Madhya Pradesh. In addition, the engineers also acted as one-to-one mentors to provide individualized training as required. Project 2 : Services Engineer group conducted Advanced Networking Concepts and problem-solving techniques training course to 45 orphaned students in Tamil Nadu.

The engineers used a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on activities, online curricula, labs, network simulations, and online assessments to transfer knowledge to the youth. This led the students to obtain highly paid jobs in the IT industry. If you would like to sign up for sarvodaya-seva and help students, please write to sarvodaya-seva cisco. Under the hood, the Internet and networking solutions speak the same global language of technology. Unfortunately, for its users, it's a different story altogether. In an increasingly interconnected world, English remains the most prevalent language.

This creates significant problems for nations like India where the spread of the English language beyond the urban centers is yet to reach significant numbers. This becomes a limiting factor for the mass appeal of the Internet and networking solutions as the vast majority of the population is unable to exploit the full benefits of technology. There is, still, many a slip between the cup and lip of the connected world.

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Aravind Sitaraman, President, Inclusive Growth believes the eGurukul program has the potential to be a real game-changer in helping create vernacular language curriculum, "Over time, I envisage that the entire school curriculum of all the states and all vernacular languages will be available in text, video, and audio form. Imagine the impact that we will create and the legacy we will leave behind for future generations if we can all contribute a small amount of time and energy from the comfort of our home or during free-time at work to create simple content for children in our mother tongue.

You can also find out more about the program at www. Employment Training skills such as Employability skills, Technical Trades, Soft skills, and courses in English speaking have been very well received by both the students and the instructors.

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Cisco solution has also enabled the ITI's to share experienced instructors access locations, specialist instructors from Pune have been able to give classes to students in Malayalam and English ,w which has helped them do well in interviews. Overall, I am very happy with the project, its implementation and its impact. Biju, I. Cisco's CEED solution has brought much better life, chances and good medical care to the women and children in the State of Bihar.

The CEED virtual class room has enabled us to train the nursing staff in the state with quality nursing skills education and training and I am completely impressed with CIsco's work on Virtual CLass Room and we plan to scale-up to connect more such Nursing Training Centres. We were able to conduct Teachers, Staff and Student Trainings for all campuses across the country seamlessly from Hyderabad. The Experience has been amazing, reduced our travel and increased our efficiency. Hence we requested to implement the same at Hoskote district. First I was not sure if this kind of technology-based learning was possible to teach Government school children.

He welcomed the delegates of GIM to India, and said that India believes that cooperation and partnership are the bedrock of shared prosperity. Naming some of the impediments to progress such as terrorism and corruption as well as unethical business practices, he said that India has been arguing for a consensus and concerted action at global level on these negative forces that negate human progress and prosperity. Sampath and others were present on the occasion. Following is the text of Vice President's address :. I extend my greetings and good wishes to all the delegates.

Events like this provide an ideal platform to showcase the strengths of a state and the myriad opportunities that it offers to investors. The growth trajectory of Indian economy is now being reshaped by its youth. We have a dynamic, visionary leadership at the national and state levels that is engaged in reforming governance, reaching higher performance benchmarks and transforming the lives of people.

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India is at the cusp of a major transformation and is poised to maximize the tremendous demographic dividend in the next few years. For the first time ever, India has registered the fastest growth in FDI in over two decades.

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India has always been quite receptive to new ideas, technologies and growth opportunities. We believe that we all belong to one big family and we must grow together by capitalizing on the comparative strengths of each country. With greater infusion of capital and knowledge, the aspirational India has hitched its wagon to accelerated, inclusive, environmentally sustainable development.

I am hopeful that confluences of investors and entrepreneurs like the GIM will help open up new opportunities for investment and growth.

Dear sisters and brothers,. It is indeed heartening to note than India has been writing a captivating growth story. India of today is a land of infinite possibilities and tremendous opportunities. As you all are aware, the liberalization of the Indian economy began in the early nineties under the regime of the then Prime Minister, Shri P V Narasimha Rao. The liberalization process further picked up momentum under the leadership of Shri Vajpayee the then Prime Minister.

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Shri Vajpayee ushered in a new connectivity revolution in different sectors from telecom to rural roads, giving the much needed impetus to the Indian economy. Now, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi through various measures and reforms has ensured that the fundamentals of the Indian economy remain strong as it continues on the growth trajectory. The reforms taken up by the Government in the past few years have made India the top destination for investments in the world. The entire world is looking towards India and there has been renewed focus on the country in the past few years.

India has achieved a GDP growth of 7. Measures like demonetization, GST, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, repeal of outdated laws, giving thrust to road and air connectivity, increased focus on infrastructure, housing and agricultural sectors have enabled the economy to gather momentum. Today, India is home to second largest start-up ecosystem in the world. The World Bank in its latest forecast has said that India will continue to be the fastest growing major economy in the world. It said the GDP is expected to grow at 7. It also said the GDP is expected to accelerate to 7.

Oil prices were on the rise, economies were veering towards protectionism and trade wars were brewing between major global trading partners. Payments to farmers could be made conditional on phyto-sanitary measures that would improve the acceptability of agricultural exports.

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There was nothing on increasing finances available to urban local bodies. This is essential to support urbanisation. The absence of appropriate training is becoming a critical bottleneck in transferring youth out of farm jobs, which is essential to raising rural incomes. There are problems such as certification requirements that the informal sector cannot satisfy, the absence of industry standards, or entry restrictions as in medical education that prevent government funds available for training being well used.

Just increasing expenditure allocation is inadequate. These aspects need to be addressed. The views are personal. The changeNot much has changed - to the big disappointment of salaried Arun Jaitley levies long term capital gains tax on securities; standard The role of the Indian Information Service officers is in the spotlight as they seek a larger say in news flow. Kariath George John, who passed away on Sunday, had a working style like no other ad man.

Why is it challenging to retain top performers in spite of the world being at their feet?

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It invests in responsible firms that care for the environment, society and business ethics. SEBI places additional checks on debt fund investments. There are incentives for women to buy a house, but it is important to plan ahead. Recent releases in Malayalam cinema depart from pigeonholing women in domestic roles. Female characters Poet-lyricist Gulzar on his new venture — a book of poetry translated into English and Hindustani from How do consumers respond when their favourite brands get into trouble?

IHCL is on a regeneration exercise. Will it regain its standing as the crown jewel in the Tata group The political mood is ambivalent. A clutch of parties feels it will reduce costs while others perceive it as The elephant in the room as far as poll reform is concerned, namely funding of elections, is conveniently Just like the flash floods, the scorching drought in Chennai is also a product of perverse urban development The delay in the onset of the South-West monsoon could well be the last straw for Hyderabad to get into a Budget likely to hike spending to combat falling growth rate.

Budget Farm sector, rural economy hope for a big push. Budget PM Narendra Modi faces tricky confidence crisis. Awaiting some booster shots. Measures needed to ensure viability, revive investments.