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In fact, as a beginning translator you should first try becoming a translator without even worrying about tools.

Be a Freelance Translator

If you decide you like translating and that you can earn some money from doing it, then it could be time to look into actually using translation software of which there are some free options out there. There are countless numbers of people who think that they want to become YouTube stars, making movies for the masses. Go out to BestBuy, spend a small fortune, and buy the latest microphone, webcam, and computer to start their YouTube empire.

Hardware wasted. Instead of doing that, they could have simply pulled their phone out of their pocket and started recording, for free. So often we imagine that the barriers for entry into some activity are greater than they actually are. There is a time and a place for advertising. That being said, there is a tendency for new translators to think that advertising is the only way to find clients.

Instead of spending money on ads that may or may not work, your best option as a freelance translator is to use the connections you already have to build your client base. If you work at a regular job and are moonlighting as a translator on the side, talk to your boss about using any connections you have at work to build your own business. Those connections will then lead you to real business clients and customers that already have some connection to you however tenuous it might be at first.

All without spending money on advertising. Real-world experience will always trump classroom learning, especially when it comes to becoming a successful translator. And real-world experience costs a lot less for better results than any university translation program. In fact, I even got a university-level Spanish translation degree. I mentioned before that I graduated college with a Spanish translation degree.

What surprised me, however, was that in the Spanish department, there were native Spanish speakers in the Spanish program that hoped to become translators. That was such a waste, especially when they could have used that time and money to get a degree in something outside language to help enhance their marketability in the translation market.

You should be getting paid for those things. Here are a few:.

Freelance Translation ( A Perfect Side Hustle For New Mommies Without Any Investment)

Not only should you charge for the job you do, including all the extras that clients tend to throw on translators at the last minute, but you should also charge your worth. Guess what? I wrote a whole book about this subject. One of the first things I learned as a translator is that we often go through ups and downs.

I mean, really any entrepreneur will go through periods when business is really booming and other times when business is down. One of the best ways to manage your money as a translator is to understand that these cycles are likely to happen. Once you know that they are a part of your life as a translator, you can be better prepared to save money to set aside for those down times. Big one here.

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Comparing notes with another translator on how they might maximize their profits and improve their business is one thing. One of the coolest things I learned about how to approach the idea of setting a goal for how much you want to make is to break down your earning desires going from top to bottom.

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This is a method I learned from Ramit Sethi and can be applied specifically to entrepreneurs who have a goal of making a certain amount of money. So whatever your monetary goals are, be sure to break them down to get a real idea of what that would mean for you. People love looking for quick solutions.

One of the ways that this is manifest currently is by the number of apps that people download on their phones to try and help them accomplish some goal. Lots of people are creating videos on YouTube as a hobby. But some are earning money, and some are earning a lot of money. You can create videos yourself, promote them, and then monetize them through Google Adsense. There are different ways you can do this. Perhaps the most popular way is by promoting music videos.

The revenue can be heavy with videos using popular music. But getting the licensing agreements from the artists is extremely difficult. A better route might be to promote local talent. These can be small artists who are looking to be promoted. If they have good music, and you can create compelling videos around their songs, you can earn a steady income. Yet another way is to create educational videos.

You can also use this kind of video to promote a specific product or service that you offer. All around, this is probably the most flexible and creative way to earn money online. YouTube even provides support to help you get started. This actually is a real thing. Many large companies, particularly insurance companies and travel-related businesses, hire at-home workers to handle both customer service and online data entry.

You can also go through dedicated websites, such as Upwork. And sometimes online data entry jobs are available through Craigslist, or popular job boards like Monster. A website called Proz. If you have above average computer and Internet skills, this can be an opportunity for you. Experts Exchange has more than , experts who participate on the site. They offer assistance with web design and development, SEO and marketing, graphic design and other technical skills. You could be one of them.

Translation jobs from translation agencies

You may have to release your inner entrepreneur to make this one happen, but it can be lucrative if you have an eye for an online bargain. Sites like Flippa. Blogging is not your typical online job because you don't work for someone else when you're a blogger. You get the flexibility of working for yourself but you don't get paid immediately. As you grow your traffic and your audience, you can earn money as an affiliate for other companies or advertising revenue.

If you're interested, you can learn how to start your blog with our free guide. Eventually, you can even quit your job to blog full-time! If you have a working blog or website, you can use affiliate marketing to increase your revenue. You can have ads or articles promoting various products and services. If you really want to learn the ins and outs of this, I recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Michelle routinely makes six figures each month from her blog. With enough affiliate links, you can dramatically increase the income on your site.

Forget the latest translation tools

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How to be a Freelance Translator: Make Thousands of Dollars per Month Translating at Home

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