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We wish we could keep the greens, fruits, and vegetables looking as bright and vibrant as the day they were picked. Once the foods are picked, packed, and shipped we have lost valuable days in the life of the food. Then once we create a dish with the food we increase the speed at which oxidation occurs. So is there anything we can do to avoid this? Oxidation is the loss of electrons during a reaction by a molecule, atom or ion. In simple terms oxidation is oxygen reacting with the cells and causing them to brown.

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When you cut an apple you destroy the cell walls. Apples and other foods that oxidize contain phenols and phenolase. When you destroy the cell walls it exposes both the phenols and phenolase. When the cell walls are cut the enzyme phenolase bonds to oxygen and converts the phenols to melanin.

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Melanin is a dark brown and sometimes black pigment, this is why the foods change color. Lastly to bring this full circle, the reason this change occurs is because oxygen is very good at removing electron ions in the atoms of the phenols which converts them to melanin. The answer is YES! We have a couple of ingredients that will make oxidation a thing of the past. Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that can be used in many different recipes.

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It works by binding free oxygen that could bond to the phenolase and start the oxidation process. One thing to note is that ascorbic acid is acidic and will make food sour. Ascorbic acid should be used in a ratio of 0. The better option is to eliminate the cause of the oxidation all together.

Sodium bisulfite when added to water creates sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide then inactivates the enzyme phenolase all together. The best ratio for sodium bisulfite is 0. Poll Results:.

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