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Will your high school reunion be contemporary and colorful, or sophisticated and formal? Then be realistic about how many people will show up.


When evaluating your venue, bring a checklist of questions to ask the manager. Make sure to address parking, WiFi access, storage space, audio-visual equipment, and cleanup protocol. There are a few different approaches, but you may want to consider opening a bank account for your class. That way, you can deposit money into the account and pay for expenses with the bank card.

Class Reunions Made Easy

There are typically two spikes in the ticketing lifecycle. Knowing that there will be a natural lull, here are a few steps you can take to keep the momentum going. Do you want half of your class to show? A quarter? Start with a goal for yourself and the organizing committee, and then build out a promotional plan to get there.

Think about which channels you want to use - such as Facebook or email - and then create a calendar where you can plan out your promotions. Keep in mind that people will likely procrastinate, so do what you can to build the hype early and get commitment from your classmates. The other option is to ask people when they register how they heard about the class reunion. When assembling your organizing committee, consider asking each member to commit to selling a certain number of tickets.

To up the ante, you can even create a little friendly competition by rewarding the highest seller with a gift certificate or bottle of wine. By setting up Early Bird tickets at a lower price than regular tickets, you can encourage your classmates to purchase ahead of time, relieving your worries about sales—and allowing you to plan food and drink provisions.

With Eventbrite, you can even set up these different tickets in advance and schedule them to automatically go on sale on a certain date. Make sure to promote not only the class reunion, but all the fun people going—this will be a huge deciding factor for many people who are hesitant about attending. Reach out to classmates who were part of different social circles in school, and have stayed in touch with their peers over the years. Ask them for help promoting the class reunion, and then list them as a member of the organizing or host committee on the event page.


With Eventbrite, you can also display the names of people who have purchased tickets, so get those social influencers to sign up first. Throwback Thursday has become a popular way to share photos from the past, so use it to help you promote your reunion. Dig up pictures from school, share them with the tbt hashtag, and include the link to your high school reunion event page. We guarantee a giggle or two. No need to panic — the hard parts are over. Regardless of how formal your high school reunion is, be sure to set up a check-in table or greeter. People like to be welcomed rather than wander inside looking lost.

While your classmates may never forget a face, they will inevitably forget a name. Pre-print them directly through Eventbrite or have your guests make their own. Remember those hits from back in the day? Your friends do too. Use their responses to create the ultimate throwback playlist. Trust us, your classmates will love it! The key is keeping it short Or, simply raise a glass, say thanks for coming, and get back to celebrating.

marks 30th reunion of first class of undergraduate women – The Ring-tum Phi

Our suggestion: Go to a thrift shop and pick up some old picture frames and vases. Spray paint the frames your school colors and insert photos or event signage. Reach out and thank your attendees for coming, and your host committee for all their help. You may even consider helping out the next class as they think through how to plan a reunion.

You made it! You can store the photos online in a folder with Box. The most important step in your post-event follow-up is to send a note to your organizing committee thanking them for their help. Email is great, handwritten is better. My mom totally agrees. You can also keep them in your Eventbrite account. High school reunion organizing is a rite of passage that every graduating class has to experience. Let them know how to promote their reunion, give them tips for selecting a venue, and share the tools you used to get the job done.

You can always forward this guide to them as well. Follow up with a survey to ask your classmates what they loved or loathed about the reunion. Their feedback will not only help you throw better events in the future, it will be excellent advice for the next class planning their reunion. Consider keeping their email addresses close by and sending email updates to your classmates when the time comes to send a card or flowers. Not all high school reunions have to look alike, so go ahead and think outside the box!

Visit the Schedule page for more ideas. Please call or email ud-reunions udel. See who's coming from the Class of !

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Your contribution to any area that expresses your UD passion will benefit future students and keep your alma mater strong. Gifts made by June 5, , will count toward the Reunion Cup Challenge. Thank you for honoring your UD memories with a gift today. Make a Gift.

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