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I can't say enough positive things about her. She has an amazing ability to understand what you're looking for in a horse and find a perfect match. Anytime I purchase, I will always return to her. Fantastic trail horses, very accurate in her skills assessment of them and honest about what she currently has available. She cares about where her horses end up, which was so important to me!!!

Nikki is an animal lover who is passionate for horses finding their people. It wasn't about making money fast or getting rid of horses and I never felt pressured to purchase. Her horses do sell quickly, but that is because the people who know her really trust her. Thank you for all of your help and kindness Jack is my dream horse and I love him so much!!

Nikki went above and beyond for us during this whole process. She answered all of my questions and disclosed every detail about this pony to us. Even after we brought her home Nikki stayed in contact with me, checked in, and continued to answer any questions that came up regarding our pony. Our pony had a bit of a sunburn when we got her and Nikki gave us some cream to continue treatment instead of making us buy our own.

I would definitely buy from Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch again. My daughter was looking for her first horse. We had missed out on a few that had deposits already put down, but Nikki told us of a mare that was coming in for evaluation and sounded like a perfect fit for what we were looking for. We put a deposit down after an update from Nikki on how evaluation was going. Made a day trip to see the mare and also another horse there. With Nikki and Alex riding first my daughter was able to ride, and with their guidance make a decision between the 2 horses which one fit best.

My daughter is over the moon in love with her new little mare and she is everything Nikki said she would be. He is exactly as Nikki described him; friendly, fun and reliable.

Artist Recognition

The only thing she didn't tell me was how much he enjoys 'helping' when I'm working in the pasture. If I ever decide to add to my herd I'll go right back to Nikki. She is honest, professional and knowledgeable; and truly has the best interests of both horse and owner as she works to find the perfect fit.

He has exceeded all my expectations! I feel truly blessed to have him after so many years of being horseless. I feel like I was waiting for him! Nikki is wonderful- open, honest- communication is constant and is always there- before and AFTER the purchase as well.

He does everything she told me he would- he is so wonderful that there is another woman where I'm keeping him who is eventually looking to get another horse and she is coming to Nikki! If we add another horse to our family we will be back- definitely! I just can't say enough good things about her. She was so honest, even steered me towards a less expensive horse to suit what I was looking for. You can tell she really truly cares about not just the horses, but also the people that are lucky enough to get one from her.

If ever I'm looking for another horse, she will definitely be the first person I will seek out. You have been so patient and helpful with me. After a not-so-good experience with my first go round at horse ownership before meeting you , I was ready to throw in the towel forever. But as any horse lover knows, you just can't give up on the dream of owning a horse! To say that I was very cautious with finding my true "heart horse" would be a huge understatement. The second time around, I wanted to make certain I got it right.

I looked for well over a year. And during that time, you and your daughter answered any and all questions, showed me multiple horses, and were extremely helpful. They are exactly what I needed. Older, been there, done that, confidence building trail horses. I have fallen in love with both of them and am able to confidently share them with family and friends. Thank you for being willing to work with people that aren't seasoned horse owners. Not everyone does that anymore, and understandably so. But because of you, I am building my confidence back up and truly enjoying horse ownership!

I can never thank you enough for all the help you have given me without any judgement at all. You have gone far above and beyond for me and have helped me really be prepared to be a responsible horse owner. Where most people would consider a deal "done" after selling a horse, you are always prompt to answer any questions I have, and to give guidance. When buying a horse from you, I not only got the horses, but your insight and expertise as well.

You truly made buying my boys an amazing and comfortable experience. Thank you so much for making my dream come true! She's such an amazing horsewoman, even though she doesn't usually have gaited horses, she knew I was looking and recommended this mare for me. Thank you Nikki, I'm totally in love with her. Cash rides like the dream walker I was looking for!!! She has been such a blessing to have around. She's easy to catch, easy saddle, stands quietly for mounting and dismounting.

She gaits beautifully. Thanks for selling us the horse you advertised. That doesn't always happen. We would definitely feel comfortable getting another horse from Dun Dreamin in the future. I bought a beautiful leopard Appaloosa from her who was everything she represented him as, passed a PPE with no difficulty and has a sweet and sensible disposition to top it off. During the process, Nikki answered all my questions about him and was prompt in her replies and very honest in her dealings.

I would be pleased to do business again with her down the road. We are a c3, non-profit equine assisted activities and therapy program that provides services to special needs populations in northern Illinois. We contacted Nikki when we saw Captain Jack for purchase online. I was super impressed with her professionalism and honesty when we spoke on the phone. I drove up to see Captain Jack to check him out and he was everything she said he was and more. A very well mannered, sweet and desensitized gelding, perfect for our program! Thank you Nikki for the opportunity to give Captain jack his new forever home.

We love him. The horses we purchased from Nikki were truly quiet, well trained, well adjusted and healthy horses with no vices. She spent a lot of time with us before and after the purchase. She is extremely knowledgeable, forthcoming and nice person to deal with. I had been leasing a horse for over a year and decided to take the jump into ownership. There was one horse there that I really wanted to look at. However, by the time we got there, that horse had already been sold.

But Nikki said there was another one who was more for a beginner owner. Low and behold I met Relic who is now Mr. Nikki took the time with me and answered all of my questions and said to call her day or night if I needed anything. I think my husband was feeling left out and now he wanted to purchase a horse and granted he had not been on a horse in years. The first place we call is Dun Dreamin Appaloosa. Nikki said to come up and meet Frankie. Nikki took the time to show Mike how to do everything including saddle, hoofs, headstall, backing up, riding, trot etc.

I think we were there for over 3 hours. Nikki has the patience of a saint! So we are now owners of 2 horses. When it comes to horsemanship, Nikki is the first person I call. She takes the time to answer all of my questions no matter how 'dumb' they are. She follows up with the owners to see how things are going, she is supportive and truly cares about how the horses are adjusting to their new home.

I would recommend Dun Dreamin Appaloosa to anyone. From beginner to advanced rider, this is the person to go to. Mike and I are so happy with our boys!! I thank God every day for sending her my way and thanks to Nikki Huiting for trusting me with her. Tazer has a forever home with me I am so proud of her. She answered all my questions about Sailor. Nikki was very respectful. I went to go see Sailor and Nikki showed me all the things getting Sailor saddled and riding him. She keeps in contact with me to see how we are doing. Thanks Nikki Huiting for Sailor I love him.

Nikki had a few different geldings that fit the bill. She was very detailed and honest about the specifics of what she had for sale. It took some time to find the perfect fit but she did. When we met Dexter we knew he was the one. I loved Nikki's honesty and enjoyed working with her and her daughter. If we're ever in the market again Nikki will be the first call we make!! Just wanted you to know Simba Ted is doing great. I did end up moving him to a boarding stable a couple months ago, he really didn't settle into living alone well at all but he's happy now.

Also it's just nice to be able to ride and get to know him all winter using the indoor. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Thank you I love him. We took a trip to the horse arena for winter riding. It was obvious the arena environment was a totally new experience for him. He unloaded with ease. We saddled and lunged for a while. His ears and eyes were studying everything. As we rode around the arena he relaxed and enjoyed himself. After a couple of hours, we brushed our horses down, he loaded with ease. You need to know that Harley has done everything he's been asked to do.

He likes to please.

Appaloosa Territory

His ground manners are exceptional. His previous training reflects his good patience and confidence. Since I am new to riding he has taken good care of me. My friend who is a trainer says Harley is "wonderful". Every body who comes to our farm just loves him. They say he is just a ham. Thank you for all your help and support. It's been over one month since you matched me with Samuel, I am smitten. I am fortunate to have found you and trusted you to describe him accurately.

I have been on many rough hilly trails with Samuel this last month. The first week the group we were riding with was very surprised upon hearing that it was only our second ride together. All the trails were new for Samuel with water crossings, soggy ground, mud, wooden bridges, wildlife, wind and he was the lead horse -confident and obviously we were comfortable with each other. My regular riding partner is a veterinarian with a sharp eye, hard to impress and she gives him high ratings. I'm 63 years old, and have many trail riding adventures ahead. My herd of 6 is aged and if there was ever again a time that we needed a sound, safe, lovely horse I would go to Dun Dreamin web site without hesitation.

I had no regrets putting a deposit down site unseen as it is true "good horses go fast". Thankyou again Nikki for repurposing so many solid honest horses with good people. I am grateful to you and your horse skills and life's work! She had posted a beautiful Blue Roan Paint gelding and his description fit perfectly with what I was looking for. An ideal husband horse I spoke with Nikki and explained what type of horses I have, what I was looking for etc. On the other hand a several hour drive each way didn't seem like it would be convenient and I wasn't going to be able to do it immediately.

Still, not knowing Nikki and not meeting the horse I planned to put down a deposit and make the trek. Nikki not only did not pressure me to move forward without meeting Clay, she told me if I was concerned at all to definitely meet him first. I had told Nikki I needed a transport to get him to me when I did buy him and she mentioned a couple options including one that would be available sooner than I could get down to meet him. I decided since I had seen a ton of pictures and a long video as well as checked out Nikki's website and reviews I would move forward.

The transport turned out to be a wonderful experience and also very reasonably priced. I am glad I trusted Nikki and went with my gut. Clay is absolutely what was presented on Equinenow and Nikki's website and we are so happy to have him. He is amazing!

Appaloosa Summer

Although I am not the type of person to buy a horse without seeing it in person first, I would buy again from Nikki too bad I have too many already and probably won't be adding to the herd anytime soon. Along with selling me an awesome horse, Nikki has been super available, dependable, and patient answering any and all questions I have from feed to saddles.

She made the experience smooth and fun! I'd refer friends and family to her in a heartbeat. I'm glad I took the leap and moved forward with Clay, he is what was presented and more! Thanks for everything Nikki! I took Rolo under my wing as soon as I saw him. I wanted to meet him so badly. He is such a great horse. He's everything and more. He's quiet, and very well mannered. With him, I think I can have the ability to take on new challenges.

He fits with my personality, and he's already that amazing. Let's make this memorable! He takes care of them when they are in the saddle and they even do all the cares on him even his feet. He has been the horse I had been looking for in a beginner horse to let them gain confidence and learn. He is everything you said he was and so much more as he is our family now. Max arrived and was exactly what we were looking for.

He is well-behaved with zero vices. He is a very gentle and bomb-proof horse! We will always be thankful to Nikki for finding us such a great forever horse. We purchased many horses through the years here and when we unexpectedly lost my daughters ultra safe and steady gelding I asked Nikki to keep an eye out for a suitable horse for her. You see my daughter is young and fearless and can be over confident at times and it really is hard to find one that can do this job.

I was very surprised how quickly she found us Maui! Maui has fit in to the family beautifully and has really proven to be a safe and kind animal who listens very well to her. He's everything she said he was and more we are very pleased! He arrived at my farm in Michigan in excellent shape. He's been a complete gentleman in everything I've asked him to do so far. After looking for months elsewhere for my next trail horse, I decided to buy through Dun Dreamin Ranch because Nikki was very up front about his character and she was also quick to respond to my texts and email questions.

It's clear Nikki takes the time to get to know the horses she sells. I would not hesitate to buy my next horse from her. I was really impressed with my phone contact initially and then when I got to meet her. We were looking for a good solid trail horse for my 14 year-old daughter. When we arrived at Nikkis's farm she made us feel welcome and saddled up three different horses for my daughter to try.

During the test rides, Nikki and her daughter gave advise and we decided on a horse. We had Nikki deliver the horse to our home. She did not just drop the horse and run. They rode the horse on our property and then my daughter rode while Nikki stayed and gave advise. We are very happy with our purchase from Dun Dreamin Ranch. I contacted Nikki about Artie after a bad experience of misrepresentation on a horse I purchased from a private owner.

I liked the description of Artie being a 'confidence builder'. He sounded like he might fit my criteria of being sane, sound, steady, able to ride alone down roads and trails, load, catch, ride off quietly after standing for long periods of time Wisconsin winters and a dose of friendliness would be a bonus. I spoke at length with Nikki's daughter Alex and after watching videos of Artie I knew I had to check him out. Nikki was away for the day so Alex showed me Artie. Now I'm a Quarter Horse girl so Artie's size and build suited me just fine. His white, speckled, lightening streaked coat and pink freckled eyes and nose made me smile.

This boy had character! And a character he is! I decided to buy him that day. Alex and Nikki gave me a guarantee that I could return Artie for a different horse if he didn't work out. That's something you don't get from a private seller with no reputation or references and who will dump a a problem horse using unethical methods. Artie moved in and after riding almost every day for 3 weeks without incident I gave him pasture turnout for 5 weeks. He bonded with his mini companion and I left them be. He needed to pass my 'old fat lady test'. He had to ride off quietly after being idle for a long period of time and he had to show he wasn't going to be herd bound with his mini companion.

I wanted no surprises after a long winter. Artie walked off down the road without a fuss about leaving his pal. He comes up from the pasture when I call his name and he does everything I had on my 'old fat lady's list'! I'm so happy I found Nikki's ad. I appreciate her professionalism, knowledge and respect for her horses and her integrity and honesty dealing with her customers.

Anyone looking to purchase an honest horse needs to contact Nikki. She knows her business and will connect you with the horse best suited to your ability and your needs. Tonka is everything and more that Nikki told me she'd be! As a first time horse buyer Nikki never made me feel like I was asking an irrelevant or dumb question.

After our first phone conversation I was almost positive Tonka would be coming to live with us. Nikki proved to be personable, professional and extremely helpful. Hauling was set up and Nikki was very generous with our timeline, as we weren't quite 'horse ready'. When we decide we are ready for a pasture mate for Tonka, Nikki will be the first person I contact! I can't even describe how much we love this horse and how grateful we are to have come across Dun Dreamin Ranch! My work requires frequent travel so unfortunately I don't get to ride as often as I'd like either.

I'd been struggling for 3 years trying to 'force' my previous mare into liking trail riding. That proved to be a frustrating and unfruitful let down. Some horses just don't like it. Against my initial intentions and hopes for keeping her for life, I luckily found a great dressage home where she's doing well. Then I found Duke online thru Nikki's daughter Alex. She was great with providing daily updates with pictures and videos of him until I could meet him. To my surprise, Nikki's horses are as advertised! I got him vet checked and home safely.

He is the even-keel, friendly, trail buddy I've been hoping for. He hasn't put up a fuss about much. Deworming, trailering, stalling, teeth floating, etc has all gone great. He was a little surprised by getting hosed off at first, but I figure it'd been a while and he settled pretty quickly.

I've been able to trust him to give beginner friends rides too. I've really tried to take things slowly with him so we can bond and he can trust me. I know that since I can't ride 4 times a week, that it's even more crucial to gain his trust - horses aren't machines after all. Regardless of that, I believe Nikki's trail evaluation tests and whatever training regimen she uses, works.

She seems to have a good sense for them and lucky for us, she has been doing it long enough to be picky for her customers. I just wanted to thank you once again for your help and guidance in the purchase of Pal, now named Toby, the gentle Palomino Quarter Horse gelding now residing on our farm. Having just put down our 29 yr. Toby was great on my first solo ride with him and he follows me around like a puppy dog. What a sweetheart! You were also so kind with the timing of bringing Toby home and I truly appreciate that as well as having Toby ready to go too, trim, shots, dental, etc.

That was super! So thank you for all the extra time you spent with us as well as all your effort in offering to us a kind, friendly and safe horse that will have a forever home. We all look forward to our time together with him and the new adventures to come! Thank you Nikki Schwaller Huiting! We saw an ad for this 7 year old horse, called Nikki, introduced myself and learned all about 'my new horse.

He is everything that Nikki said he was and more. We appreciated Nikki's knowledge, honesty and matchmaking! Our new horse has fit in beautifully with our other 3 horses. Having a horse was every girls childhood dream and this was one goal I knew I could reach but only with the help of other people. Nikki was one of those people. She has an uncanny talent for reading people and horses and introducing them together. After looking around I picked up my boy a 14hh gaited horse which she recommended due to spine issues I had. He's fun and riding him is easy. Just thought I would let you know how things are going with our two horses we bought from you.

We bought Stallone now named Maverick and Shamrock now named Harley from you a year ago the end of March My husband and I just Love them both!!! Maverick is my horse and we are bonding very well. We also are boarding them and taking lessons at the same place. Jackie is really a good teacher. We have learned alot from her. Green as could be without the slightest clue what I was doing.

Fortunately for me, amongst all my web searches one name and one horse kept popping up. I thought, hmmm, what person turns down an easy sale? Someone that's honest and has her horses and clientele's best interest at heart. A week later she had had several ppl look at "my" horse including a novice such as myself Nicki called me and sent videos of him riding through snow, on brush filled snowy trails, down fire lanes, ect Long story short.

I went to see him and fell in love. Nicki spent at least an hour with us showing me how to saddle, groom and some of her natural horseman training techniques. I learned more in that hour than the endless hours of YouTube videos I had watched. We ended up purchasing Azul from Nicki. If you want an honest person that is knowledgeable and loves horses, look no further!!

She goes the extra mile or three in our case to make sure it's a good fit. Even helped me find tack AND a trailer!! Nikki and I knew each other at the time, but were not super close. She sent me pictures of a horse she was getting in thinking this mare might intrigue me. Whiskey was as close to a replacement of my favorite mare as one could expect.

I couldn't wait to bring her home! In time, Nikki and I developed a better friendship and I needed a replacement horse for my dad's gelding. She found me Boogie and my dad truly liked him, what a huge blessing! I'm not a fan of palominos or running lines, but Nikki brought me a young Dash For Cash bred palomino mare to start undersaddle and put on barrels and poles. The mare was anything but happy to see me every day, but together we accomplished so much and she turned out wonderfully.

Eventually Nikki gave me the opportunity to own her, and I was the proudest palomino owner you ever did see! Fast forward to life happening, marriage, kids and being married to my job, when I had to cut back on my herd and was too pregnant to sell my own horses, Nikki helped me out there as well. Whether I have a craving to buy one, or need to sell one, Nikki is always helpful. Thank you Nikki for filling the void in my heart, even the void for the palomino horse I never knew I wanted. I've known Nikki for years and she is always the one I go to when searching for new horses. She works with us to make sure the new horses fit in here, as it is a very difficult situtation for some horses to adjust to.

We have added 22 horses to our herd since I've been at the barn, and 12 of them have been from Dun Dreamin Ranch. When one gelding just couldn't adjust to our barn after a year of trying, she gave us two of her personal horses who needed to retire and found the perfect home for our gelding, who was really a phenomenal horse that just needed one person to bond with. I can't thank Nikki enough for standing by her horses, trying to find us the right matches, and never questioning me when I say, I know this horse is perfectly nice, but he's just not right for us.

So thank you Nikki and Alex at Dun Dreamin Ranch for keeping our barn supplied full of good dependable trail horses. Our daughter was born with a love of horses and that love came from no where in our immediate family so we were completely clueless as to where to start when it became time to move past just lessons for our daughter. I got a good feeling from Nikki right away. I was drawn to her amongst a group of hundreds of sellers and after months of looking. Without a doubt, she was our families special gift to help us on our quest to find the perfect fit for our little horse lover.

We had an almost 4 hour drive to meet her so you are putting a whole lot of trust in someone's word at that point. She did not disappoint. Nikki has been honest and loyal to us in our journey to find our baby girl a perfect fit. We are a family that has probably required more patience than normal as we were newbies in every sense of the word. She is not just another salesperson trying to make money, she is a woman of integrity that stands behind her word.

She is a rare find these days, she doesn't just take your check and run, she sees it through. I was able to be transparent with her about our needs without fear of judgment or annoyance and I would never hesitate to come to Nikki for future requests nor would I hesitate sending anyone else her way.

You will not be disappointed. Her knowledge has been a gift to us. I read descriptions of horses for sale on various horse sites. Saw several that sounded great, but the description never matched reality. I was about ready to give up when I started to pay more attention to Nikki Huiting's horses. I was skeptical at first as her horses seemed too good to be true, so didn't immediately jump at one that interested me, in part because she was over 3 hours away and in part because of previous disappointments.

After looking at Nikki's facebook page and reading the testimonials, I decided to text her and open a dialog. I explained what I was looking for and asked about a horse she had advertised. Unfortunately he had been sold that day, I was disappointed. Nikki and I talked on the phone and she said if I was patient she could find the horse I wanted. About 2 weeks later I received a call from Nikki telling me she had a horse she thought may be perfect. She sent me pictures, copies of his papers and videos of him while she rode him on the trail.

In fact she sent me so many snap videos I had no doubt he was perfect for me. I drove up to her Ranch to meet Rocket Man and everything felt right. Nikki was so honest and upfront about what Rocket Man was about and where he came from. She was very clear about what his capabilities were and asked me questions to make sure we were well matched. I bought him that same day.

She explained the shipping costs and we set a delivery date. I've had Rocket about 6 weeks now. He has found his nitch among my other horses and acts like he has been here forever. He's gentle, likes being around people and is well mannered. I have ridden him many times already and he is everything I wanted. Nikki was absolutely correct about Rocket Man's personality and what I could expect from him.

She has followed up with me several times since he came here and told me to call or text her anytime should I have questions.

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Nikki was so easy to work with. The first time we met face to face, I felt I had known her forever and it was apparent from the start she had a vast knowledge of horses. If you want the horse of your dreams, contact Nikki Huiting. You will not regret it. She is awesome! I thought you might like to know that a variety of riders really bond with him, including kids who have been bullied, veterans with ptsd, a child w spinabifida, and a girl with autism. Just thought I'd give you an update on him and let you know he's really loved.

So thanks again for helping us find him and thanks for being patient as he got to know us here. I have owned and raised my own horses and have dealt with a lot of different horse people. Her ad was a truly accurate description of the horse I was interested in. Nikki was very receptive to answering any and all questions.

She took the time to send pictures and videos beyond what she had posted on her ad to show that her ad was accurate and honest. They have a top quality working relationship and I was kept informed with text and photo the whole time. Nikki is truly passionate not only about the horse she is selling but also about making sure the buyer is right for the horse. Nikki truly cares about horses and people. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. Very appreciative to Nikki and to have found Moses.

Thank you!!! She is an amazing person, I don't say that lightly! Never once has she lied to me or miss represented her horses in any way! I was looking for a nice quiet little trail horse and she just so happened to have my baby Nomi! After answering all of her questions, and there were a ton of them LOL which I truly appreciated each and every one of them!

Any way we came to an agreement where I would send her 2 horses, I offered them both, in exchange for this wonderful little mare. She took such care and understanding knowing how hard this has been for me, I really appreciated her kind words and she has kept me UTD on where my 2 babies went. Nomi has a forever home with me and I will say this; next time I go looking for a horse I will definitely start with Nikki!

If you have any reservations about her or her horses just ask her! Shoot, ask me!! LOL Even though we never got to meet in person, we talk almost everyday! She always asks how Nomi is doing! Nikki doesn't just sell you a horse and then sign off. She stays in touch with you! I love that!! Thank you so much Nikki for the time that you put into these wonderful animals! Hope someday we can ride together! She answered back and we made arrangements to meet. Nikki greeted my husband and I and we felt very welcomed. My 1st impression was how nice everything was maintained, and her dogs and horses all looked well cared for.

She took lots of time with us and answered all our questions. She gave me the time I needed to ride and learn about the horse, and actually getting out on some trails. It was a hard decision for me and I didn't want to rush without thinking it over. Nikki was very patient and I was quite impressed. The next few days she sent some videos of how well the horse behaves around other horses, again I was impressed and ended up coming back.

Although 3 hours was more of a trip! I was glad for the second time and again Nikki was very honest and enjoyable to be with. I never felt pressured. Nikki could see I connected with the horse and she knew we were a match before I did. We left again, and she was very polite and considerate. The next few days she answered more questions and sent more videos and I couldn't stop thinking about this horse!

I was impressed to see it was not just the sale, but Nikki really cared about the horse and how it is compatible with the rider. Needless to say we went back again to buy him and bring him home! All I can say is Nikki is very patient and can really connect with people. She even follows up on progress after the sale! It's a delight to know her! I would highly recommend Nikki to someone who is serious about finding a good horse to match the rider.

Thank you Nikki! I was initially reluctant to drive all the way from Minneapolis to see what she had for sale. I was hoping to find something closer to home but the 6 hour drive was well worth it. The first thing I noticed when I went to her website was the details she provided for each horse she had for sale. She explained in full their qualities and their experience. She then backed this up with a video of each horse. I felt I had a lot of information about the horses before I made a visit. Nikki was very responsive to my text messages and even sent me additional videos. The horse I bought was everything Nikki said he was.

She was very helpful in arranging for a pre purchase vet check and arranging hauling to Minnesota. I am very satisfied with her professionalism and have recommended her to my brother who is looking for another horse.

Looking for a trail riding partner so I could join my wife trail riding again. We looked around the Upper Peninsula without much luck. We reached out to Nikki explained what we were looking for. I wanted to meet this person and look her in the eye, not just fall for all these wonderful things written about Nikki and her ability to match rider with horse??. Well she is everything people speak about in their testimonials.

Honest, has Integrity, and listens to what you are looking for. We where fortunate that Count Teddy and I where a fit. He is an awesome willing horse who is just what an old Urban Cowboy?? We are looking forward to many happy miles on the trails together. I wasn't looking for an Appaloosa, I was more of a Quarter Horse or Paint horse owner, but I have a few friends that own an Appy and they are nice trail riding buddies.

So, when Zinger's ad came up and I read about him and and other horses through Nikki's business, I felt I had to check into him and her. I spoke to Nikki a few times about Zinger and if she wasn't available, she always promptly returned my call or email.

I found Nikki loves working with horses and finding them the right home, as well as finding the prospective buyer the right horse. She answered every question I had without fail. When we went for my first 'meet and greet' she was very professional. I felt a connection with Zinger and felt an open honesty about Nikki. I ended up purchasing Zinger and am very happy I did. He is as good of a horse as Nikki described and I am pleased I found her. We drove about three hours to meet her, but it was well worth it.

I would recommend Nikki to you if you are looking for a good, solid horse and a well-informed horsewoman. That horse will go anywhere you point her. She's the most reliable dependable horse we own. It's been a pleasure owning her. I got Mac my first horse from her in December and it was an easy choice to go back this April for Nash. Nikki is great to deal with, answers any and all questions and you can tell she really truly cares. Thanks Nikki!!

We asked tons of questions and Nikki answered them all.

Artist Recognition

We told her what we were looking for and we found it in a horse named Buddy. He is the sweetest mild mannered boy. My nephew loves him. He is a great addition to our family. Nikki has even helped us with the sale of one of our horses so we could make room for Buddy. Very pleased with Nikki, thank you for helping us find Buddy.

I wanted to send a quick "thank you" for helping me with the purchase of my first horse. I had started looking for my horse, knowing that I would lean on my trainer to help evaluate the correct temperament for me. After I started looking, I found many people described the horse's temperament in the ad posted very differently once they knew I was going to have a trainer with me to evaluate.

I was getting frustrated. During the search I had my eye on a couple horses on Nikki's website. I had emailed about them, but as I continued to ask questions and try to get schedules together for my trainer and I to make the trip to Dun Dreaming, they sold. I was, again, feeling a bit frustrated and actually text Nikki something like "I do see you have quite the reputation, but it would be crazy to buy a horse without meeting it first, right?

I continued to watch and found another I was interested in. She was honest in that she hadn't evaluated his trail readiness was more of an arena horse so he wouldn't be a good fit at the moment. I was patient and as she worked with him, she was able to give me a thorough evaluation of his temperament and skills which included trails! Since he sounded too good to be true, I went and rode him immediately, knowing that if everything fit surely it wouldn't I could always put a deposit to hold him until my trainer could confirm his evaluation.

When I showed up, I saw that the place was meticulously cared for. Nikki's horses and dogs were all well cared for and happy. Her 14 year old niece was there riding and helping out too.

School Ke Wo Din - True Love Story 2018 - Cute Romantic School Love Story - 1 Million Dreams

I rode him after they both did and loved him. Furthermore, Nikki has continued to be as responsive to any questions or updates I have after the sale. She really loves her animals and matching them with good homes. Scheduling his delivery to the barn an hour away was easy and affordable. Her husband, who hauled him, was friendly and great with the horse as well. I guess this "thank you" wasn't so quick, but maybe this will help someone in the same position as I was in. Trying to schedule between my trainer, myself and a seller and dragging my trainer all over the state was stressful, usually disappointing and expensive.

Once I found you, it was stress free. I really just waited for an evaluation to come up that was a great fit and jumped on it. When I buy my second horse a few years from now, you will be the first person I contact. So, thanks a ton! I found Nikki's web page and would watch it almost daily, and was amazed with what I saw in the video's that she would have on the horses she was selling. I saw a few horses that I thought I would be interested in, so when I got up to Amberg, I stopped in and talked with Nikki. I told her what I was looking for and she asked me if I knew anything about horses.

She told me that all the horses had been sold already, but that more would be coming in the next few days, Nikki kept in contact with me, sending me up dates and pictures and videos of any prospects. She is very honest and knowledgeable and I trusted that she would find me the perfect horse. After trusting her opinion and recommendations on what horse best fit my needs and wants, she found me ZERO, the perfect horse. He is just what I was looking for and I could not be happier.

Nikki helped me from having to go looking at horses that would not have worked out. She'll find the perfect horse that you are looking for! Nikki, was very patient and took the time to answer all my question and concerns. Thanks for everything!!! I've already told several people about her. Nikki, is not going to sell you a horse just to make a sale, she truly cares about the horses and spends the time working with each horse and evaluates them, before she sells them. I would definitely recommend Nikki, for all my buying and selling needs.

She will make the best fit for both horse and rider. We went up and looked at the horses and met Nikki and her daughter Alex. So impressed with how knowledgeable and kind they both are. Both to their horses and Newbies like myself. I asked a ton of questions and they always answered me and didn't seem to be bothered. I bought Angel from Nikki and I truly love her! She and I have bonded and I honestly could not be happier! Nikki knew I needed a calm horse and Angel is perfect for me! I would tell any one who is looking to give Dun Dreamin' a try, you won't be sorry! It was a 5 hour drive for us, but if you get the right horse it is well worth it!

Thanks again Nikki! Guinness has proved to be everything his ad described. Nikki also kept him for a small very reasonable fee until he could be hauled to our farm, which she also arranged for us. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her for anyone looking for a safe, sound, family friendly addition. Her barn is located almost 5 hours from where I live so traveling that distance was somewhat prohibitive. I had read the positive testimonials on her site and found Nikki to be very trustworthy honest and conscientious regarding the horse in whom I was interested.

She patiently answered my questions and sent many photos and video clips. Nikki rode him daily, even in some very cold temperatures, in order to make sure that he was tuned up to both her and my satisfaction. Through her contacts, we were able to conveniently arrange a pre-purchase exam and delivery. I am very pleased with my new gelding and hope to spend many hours on the trails with him!

And, I intend to keep in touch with Nikki to provide periodic updates. She is genuinely interested in the welfare of the horses that she advertises and subsequently sells. Earlier this year we had an unexpected pasture accident which required us to put down my daughter's pony. This left us with a solo horse in the pasture and she started to show heavy personality changes in the weeks that followed.

I wanted a short horse under 15 hands , ability to put newer riders on the horse, not too old, and of course in a budget. Mix this all in the month of March and quickly I was not finding options I could be confident in. This forced us to expend our searching radius and we found Nikki who was advertising 3 horses that looked like correct fits for us.

The first horse came off the list just because he looked too much like the last one. I was concerned with the fact Nikki was over a 6 hour trip one way so delayed reaching out as well closer would be easier. Finally, I reached out to ask questions and talk about what we were looking for and needed. Nikki responded quickly and expressed why her horses would be ok in handling the new changes. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Man tries to recover a horse stolen from him by a Mexican bandit. Director: Sidney J. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.

Best Marlon Brando Movie. Top Movies of the s.

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Marlon Brando. Share this Rating Title: The Appaloosa 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 1 win. Learn more More Like This. The Ugly American Adventure Drama Thriller. The Night of the Following Day Action Crime Drama. One-Eyed Jacks Drama Western. The Nightcomers Drama Horror Thriller. Biography Drama History. The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

Morituri Action Drama Thriller. Certificate: GP Action Drama. The Missouri Breaks Sayonara Drama Romance. The Men Certificate: Passed Drama. A paralyzed war vet tries to adjust to the world without the use of his limbs. The Wild One The Fugitive Kind Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Marlon Brando Matt Anjanette Comer Trini John Saxon Lazaro as Emilio Fernandez Alex Montoya Squint Eye Miriam Colon Ana Rafael Campos Paco Frank Silvera Ramos Larry D.

Taglines: Southwest to Sonora lies the edge of violence! Genres: Western. Language: English Spanish. Runtime: 98 min. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Goofs In the final scene with Chuy, Brando weaves his leather poncho belt with his hat band, to lasso his rifle. When the shooting is finished and he stands up, the belt is back on his poncho, although there was no time to unweave the lasso and retie the belt. Quotes [ first lines ] Priest : Madam. Priest : You are in the House of God now, my son. Speak from your heart. Matt Fletcher : Well, I've done a lot of killin'. I've killed a lot of men and sinned a lot of women.

But the men I killed needed killin' and the women wanted sinnin', and well, I never was one much to argue. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history.